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Monday, April 11, 2011

Letter to a lizard

can anyone spot the lizard???
Dear lizard/gecko or whatever name the worlds call u... I would be pleased and relief if u were to leave me alone for the rest of my life... Our first encounter was when i was 9 when u crawled on my bed and up u when to shake hands with me... Ur slimey and goey like body gives me goosebumps and shivers run down my spine the moment we touch... It was just yuck... Latter in life just the glimpse had me running... I was thankful at the thought u might not approach me again.. But i was wrong... When o reach the age 18, u decided to say hello that was when i found u crawling up my neck... I then thought that was the end of our relationship... But no... U had to try for the 3rd time... That was when i caught u in my shoes just a little to late... After u wriggle at my toe so i decided that the 3rd time is a strike...

After all the bad xperiance i had with u... I decided that i would rather stay away from you that making u my fren... I know Allah create u for a reason and even thou u betray the prophet... I don't find it in me to kill u.. All i did was to repel you from my sanctuary... So u must imagine my suprise when i found u there stuck at that spot... Like its ur sanctuary... For the last time.. Liazard i was never glad to make ur  acquaintance and i never will... So will u please get the hell out from my sanctuary so i can live in peace??

Urs unfaithfully
Hasanah a.akhir

Ps: u wouldn't one me to use a restraining order now would u...
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