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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The pink Gypsy Caravan.

i wouldn't mind owning this..
Swoosshhhh... Swoossshhh.. there goes the cobweb.. huff.... and pufff.. there goes the dust. Finally, the blog is cleaned and I'm finaly connected to the wondrous world of the internet.

Lately, I have come to acquire the life of a gypsy... i realize somehow i have manage to become a gypsy twice in my lifetime (till now). My childhood dream has been fulfilled. 

The mystical and wonderful life of a gypsy has always fascinated me.. They travel all over the place and lead a carefree life... but trust me being a a Gypsy in this modern world is no longer appealing... you are no longer surrounded by the lush tree's... no longer can you lead a carefree life as everything in this era comes with a price.

The modern life of gypsy, is coined into a newer term.... "Minimalist"... read an article on this a while ago and i don't think this will be a long term phase for me. Mind you, I did not submit to this lifestyle willingly but was force by circumstances, fate and people that you can never trust.. 

It has it pro's and con's but trust me when you can never find a place to call your own... you will forsake the minimalist life and work hard to acquire that space... and that is what I'm trying to achieve now...

I can no longer think straight... wanna hear the ceramah by ustaz kazim... about the HAjj (pilgrimage)... :) owh i'll be contented to own this kind of space.




i'll be contented with this caravan space..

the gypsy-ness

i loveeee all this caravan

having tea here will be heavenly

Disclaimer on the photo's... got them from Google...