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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink is preganant

the soon to be mom and dad

As i was dragging myself to work this morning...i checked out my tweets.... didn't log on the net yet as yesterday was the eid fest.... as i was scrolling down, a tweet post caught my eyes..

Ok tweethearts: here's my own personal official whatever...... Carey Hart knocked me up and i don't know how to tell my dad. what do i say?
my daddy is very happy for us:) and my mom wishes me a daughter "just like me." yikes. thanks mom.

aww.... i'm happy for the couple..... owh and the reason for me liking pink in the first place that she manage to use my fav color and define it as something punkish.... so pink is no longer a color of sweet and innocent.

Monday, November 15, 2010

the lazy a$# worker

somehow something doesn't feel rights...  my current feelings are like "i would fire my self if i were the boss of this company". Currently i'm task-less. My time consumption in this office consist of Facebooking, Twitering and Blog trotting... This is extremely against my work ethic... i may be a lazy ass during my uni but i get things done... i wish i would be entitled to a certain workload... whats the point of me coming to work when i can do all the above at home. Well maybe they find me slightly incompetent enough for them to trust me with any workload.... or maybe its just my second day of work... after i published this... i'm gonna march to the bos and beg for some workload... wish me luck :)

how to create a sticky post

i manage to create my own sticky post today..... after reading 3 tutorials.... i have manage... so here are the steps taken by the e-how .com

In blogging, "sticky post" refers to a post that remains at the top of the author's page indefinitely, often to announce important information to the reader, such as a contest or upcoming event. Creating a "sticky post" on Blogger is quick and simple, and you don't have to be computer savvy to do it.
Difficulty: Easy


  1. 1
    Connect to your Blogger account and click "Layout" in the "Dashboard."
  2. 2
    Select "Add a Page Element" and choose the function you want to use as your "sticky post." For example, if you would like to announce an ongoing contest, you can choose "Text" and enter the details. "Text" allows you to add and edit HTML. By selecting "HTML/JavaScript," you also can choose to link to a previously written, archived post that gives the written details of the contest.
  3. 3
    Complete the "Add a Page Element" template, click and drag the item to the "Blog Posts" section.
  4. 4
    Click "Preview" to make sure the sticky post appears at the top of the page. Then click "Save.

Read more: How to Create a Sticky Post on Blogger | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2070439_create-sticky-post-blogger.html#ixzz15Q17yJwx

Sunday, November 14, 2010

first day of work part II

had lunch only with roti manis today due to my allergies... so much for being a vegan hahahah... well as any first day worker... there isn't a lot of workload for u to deal with... reading construction terms to me is like reading and ancient Egyptian transcript.... it was to an extend that i believe i can no longer comprehend all the foreign construction term... whoever said learning theoretical diplomacy is waste?? well i might just practice em' with all the office politics that is going on... i have decided to stay impartial to both team... if its permits :D till later.... <3 from the nearly deranged women

my first day of work

Have u ever had the butterflies??? Today is my first day of work... And i'm just a nervous wreck... I wasn' t this bloody nervous on my wedding day.. To keep up my confidance... I paint my face today... I remember watching sainkoku monogatari, and the quote goes like this "when women goes to war.. They must paint their face.. Not for the man pleasure but for our strength..." i have painted... May a wee bit to much... But i'm nervous... I'm never that good in mingling with ppl... So wouldn't really know how to act... I was a loner in my uni years to. I join lots of activities but my preferences have always been staying in my own lil' corner with a good book and a warm cup of java... So u see.. Owh btw... I somehow manage to arrive an hour early... So lets pray thay i'll be emotionally stable.. And that everything goes smoothly for me :-)). Signing of till lunch time 8-O
Ps: i look fat!
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aishah's new pet

Its funny how aisyah think that her new toy is a live chick just coz it hop around... And whenevr she sees the camera.. She start posing.... She loves to selca (camwhore.. Mom no longer approve the later word) just like me and ash :-))
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

dr fazley yakoob hoax doctorate????

this was quite a shocking news to me.... i came across this post from a friend tweets (nurazreena of the life is a big canvas blog)... i know that he was somewhat connected to some1 in the govt... but is his doctorate really a hoax??? sighhh!!! i remember how my high school classmate look up to him because of his achievement.. skrg kan dah malu... hope this case will resolve soon coz I don't have an ounce of pity for him... but his poor student.... they have paid their tuitions fees and what will happened to them if they could not get their cert...
SOURCE:----Week In Week Out: University Challenged is on BBC One Wales at 2235 GMT on Tuesday, 9 November.
The University of Wales announced it had suspended its involvement with Fazley International College, pending investigation

Related stories

A Malaysian pop star with a bogus doctorate has been running a college offering University of Wales degree courses, a BBC investigation shows.
A Bangkok college that Thai authorities say has been operating illegally, is also offering courses leading to degrees from the Welsh institution.
Week in Week Out examined the way in which the University of Wales validated courses in overseas institutions.
The university said it was dealing "thoroughly" with the issues raised.
The programme revealed that Fazley Yaakob, who runs the Fazley International College (FICO) in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, was claiming to have both a masters and a doctorate in business administration.
But both came from a bogus university.
The pop star, who has four hit albums to his name, claimed the qualifications from the European Business School (Cambridge), an offshoot of the Irish International University, which was exposed as a sham by the BBC in 2008.

Start Quote

We are not happy about what is happening, we are dealing with it and will deal with it very thoroughly and will learn lessons from what has happened”
Professor Nigel PalastangaUniversity of Wales
He said the University of Wales did not ask about his credentials, which were displayed prominently on the college website until he was confronted by BBC Wales' education correspondent Ciaran Jenkins in Kuala Lumpur.
No new admissions
Professor Nigel Palastanga, pro vice chancellor at the University of Wales, said the university was "concerned" about the issues raised in the programme.
"We are not happy about what is happening, we are dealing with it and will deal with it very thoroughly and will learn lessons from what has happened," he said.
The University of Wales announced it had suspended its involvement with Fazley International College, and would take no new admissions to its business administration and MBA courses until the matter had been investigated.
Professor Palastanga said there were no concerns about academic standards at the college.
Meanwhile, Thai authorities said Accademia Italiana, a fashion college offering University of Wales validated courses in Bangkok, Thailand, had been operating illegally.
Dr Sumate Yammoon, Secretary General of the Commission on Higher Education in Thailand, said last week that the matter was in the hands of the police.
However, Professor Palastanga said the situation had now changed.
'Run its course'
"My information is that the college is now operating legally within the Thai system," he said.
Jenny Randerson AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat education spokesperson, said she believed the University of Wales had now "run its course" and that its remaining accredited institutions in Wales - Swansea Metropolitan University, UWIC, Glyndwr University, Trinity Saint David and University of Wales, Newport - could operate independently.
Fazley Yaakob has four hit albums to his name
Universities in Wales are bracing themselves for the outcome of a review into the governance of higher education, ordered by Education Minister Leighton Andrews.
He has now instructed the review to look at the issues raised in the Week In Week Out programme.
Fazley YaakobCardiff University left the University of Wales in 2004 while the universities of Bangor, Swansea and Aberystwyth decided to offer their own degrees in 2008.
Severed ties
In November 2008, a BBC Wales Dragon's Eye investigation showed that the University of Wales validated courses run by a controversial bible college in the United States.
The university severed its ties with Trinity College of the Bible in Newburgh, Indiana shortly before the programme was broadcast.
Professor Palastanga said it was "not good" for the university's reputation when things went wrong, however he stressed it worked continually with its partners to uphold standards.
The University of Wales validates courses in more than 100 colleges in more than 40 countries.
There are currently 70,000 students studying for University of Wales degrees worldwide.
The university said the profits from its international validation programmes were invested in Welsh higher education.
Responding to a question from Jenny Randerson AM on the investigation, First Minister Carwyn Jones told the assembly the education minister has already asked the review of HE governance to look into this matter.
"Primarily, it's an issue for the University of Wales and its reputation," Mr Jones told AMs.
"So it's exceptionally important that the University of Wales takes note of the allegations that have been made, and then of course takes steps to ensure that if the allegations are correct, that there is no opportunity for anybody to use the name of the University of Wales in an inappropriate way."

To be Auction--- Shu Uemura make up case

Shu Fanantics just wants them

I have great news to all ur Shu Uemura fans out there.... the make up case above will be Auctioned in malaysia...
here are the details

this make up case will be auctioned with the starting price of RM 1,000.
To those who wish to joined this auction, they need to register at any Shu Uemura counter in the klang valley. A deposit of RM100 need to be paid...
Registration date is from 1-30 November 2010
Auctioned date is from 6-12 December 2010

source taken from sinar harian 9th november 2010

i have no idea how to rotate this pic :P

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cleanin out the attics....

Hahaue finally put her foot down on the issue of packing and cleaning up my old stuff... Somehow ir doesn't look xciting at all... I lost most of my stuff when ottosan burned accidently burn my box away... But there is somethings left... Firtsly i found my diaries since i was 6..  I had a good laugh at it.. My worldview during those days revolves around magical creatures and cartoons... Honestly... Reading ur old diaries shows how you personally evolve.. From the sniffling ponytailed girl to a hot tempered chatering woman... As i dug deeper into the box.. I found my passion which is writing... I found my first short story at the age of 6... On how i was abducted by aliens... Later i found a chapter on my unfinish romance novel.... And other stories that were scribbled on any paper...  I found and autogaraph parchment of mytown and ash teeth..... Ironic ain't it...

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in the dark...

Being down the memory lane... I realize the need for me to contemplate on my life... I wonder whatevet happen to my passion in writing... After major criticism from
My love one's in saying that i do not own even an ounce of flair in writing compared to my sibling... I have somehow forgo my life time ambition in being a writer... It amazes me that somehow... I manage to write 3 chapters of romance story... There wasn't any plot to it... But it made me realize how much i love to write... I bet a certain someone will be laughing his heads off at the vert idea... Since life is short... I should just give it a try... Will i ever be a good writer??? God knows best...
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali :D

Every Diwali, i have been reminiscing my old Diwali celebration.. Mind u i am a Muslim and I'm proud of. . Ironically it has nothing to do with 1malaysia.. i started celebrating Diwali when i was a lil girl.... I never did understand the concept of religion at that particular time.. All i know was, during Diwali was once in a year for me to get to test AMA ghee laddu and murku.. It was later that i understand the very concept of religion that my perception on diwali change... Then i started to question my aunty why are we celebrating dewali when were all Muslim and who is ama actually.. It was then did i understand that my paklong was a Muslim convert and that AMA is his mother. So in respect to his mother and siblings, he bring us along to visit his family during their auspicious celebration... I have stopped visiting AMA with my uncle... Now he goes alone..... i missed my childhood Diwali... Eating lots of AMA laddu and wondering why are there so many lights lighted in AMA house... Someday, i do hope that i'll be able to celebrate Diwali with ama again..... And enjoy it as how i used to those day.. A small ponytails girl with a plate of laddu..

Monday, November 1, 2010

Roti manis

I bet evryone who ever live in penang would know what a roti manis is... It is a sweet bun... With kaya and margerine for its filling.. Somehow.. I'm addicted to it...  The best roti manis comes from the old patchee bakery.. Renown for its bengali bread.. Till now... I have no idea how or why is it call a bengali bread... Patchee bakery is one of penang heritage... And to those who visited penang.. This is one of the food u have to try

A chilly day it is..

It's raining cats and dogs.. And i'm trying to blog using android free application.. The blogaway..

And currently i'm curles up in my living room sofa with my blankie... This is a perfect setting of a perfect rainny afternoon.. The only thing missing is a good book.... Sigh!!.. I need my daily dose of books...

A chilly day it is..y

It's raining cats and dogs.. And i'm trying to blog using android free application.. The blogaway..

And currently i'm curles up in my living room sofa with my blankie... This is a perfect setting of a perfect rainny afternoon.. The only thing missing is a good book.... Sigh!!.. I need my daily dose of books...