Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my leprechaun stash (the big pile of coins )

ever since I was a lil' grl... i've always like to menabung.... the reason to this action is the satisfactory feeling that owning that big pile of coins make me rich...... :P

latter as a teenager the implication of owning the big pile of coin change no longer were richness attach to it but it came a vital source for me to buy my books..... from r.l stine to sweet valley and many others.... and yes i do still keep them..... coz in my uni years.... they are my rainy days money in other words my emergency money when things get though towards the end of the semester... :) so a week ago i wet to bank in my big pile of coin and got to know that i manage to stash up till 173.5 worth of coins..... and with that i'm 173.5 richer than i was b4.....

my green leprechaun bag

i'm RM173.50 richer than i was b4..... better than nothing rite :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

nasi lemak= sleep...

people always say that nasi lemak makes u sleep..... and i for ome agree with the fact.... when i was in my uni years... ( grad nov last year) the only edible thing for me to it is the makcik's canteen nasi lemak...... and i assure u after 20 minutes i be dozing off either in bed or in my classes.... so what is in the nasi lemak that makes us so sleepy??? any nutritionist out there??? so now as i'm infront of the PC after a nice meal of nasi lemak... i could'nt help myself from yawning..... porqe??? beats me.... even coffee doesn't work...


yeap its official... i no longer own a mobile phone.... sigh!!!!! today will be the second day of my phoneless marathon.... i wonder how long can i stand being phoneless.... all i can say is that thank the lord for Facebook without it...... i'll be totally cut out from this world.... somehow i could not stop wondering how my life was b4 i was being ruled by a mobile phone.... it was
why??? well bcoz i don't have the obligation to act at every single beep... now i know why ottosan just refuse to use a mobile phone.... but don't get me wrong... as much as i love being phoneless, i love having my phone as it has its benefits.... i get to call a certain some1.... calling the darling aishah just to hear her giggle and also calling Ash just for the sake of calling......
soooooooo i was wondering since i'm already phoneless.... i should get myself a dream phone....
should it b a......
1. a berry
2. an iphone
3. samsung omnia
4. a corby
5. or samsung blue earth......

i do wonder...... (^^)

coach poppy......

my current obsession..... is the coach poppy handbags collection.... the vivid colors simply speaks to my soul..... should i request this from urs trully as a hantaran gift???? :)

the bag that i'm head over heels 4

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hahaue is admitted to the hospital :(

yesterday...... at approximately 3 o'clock... hahaue was admited to lam wah ee hospital (LWEH).. due to her back pain..... wish i was back home :(

Thursday, February 4, 2010

writers block

i don't know what to blog about this past few month....... nothing interesting is happening... mayb we should wait for v-day and c if anything magical might appear