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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Life is a whirlwind for the most of us.... Our daily life have been consume with our work and other obligation that we tend to forget to stop and ponder the journey of are life... what has made us become what we are today.
Being married and a career women has led me to the life where i swear i would never allowed myself to lead. I have became selfish and self-centered. I no longer allocated my time to my love ones. The life I lead has always been about me and me only.

During this Barakah month of Ramadan, it came to me one day, that I should take this opportunity to start and mingle back with those people that are dear to my heart. How long has it been since i met and spend time with my cousin 'Pijah Odi' and 'Amai'.. the Rosli's sibling that i shared my childhood with, that have never been apart, we were glued for most of our childhood life enjoying the vast adventure that we had in our 'Kampung'. The magical place for any child to grow up.

It wasn't a  plan meeting... destiny brought us together if i may say so myself. This is how it all started:-
After losing tok bee early this year, i realize that life is to short for me to be a workaholic... I felt guilty at the thought that i never spend much of my quality time with my late grandmother... i have been so engross in my life that i just thought she will be there forever. Due to my guilt and not meeting my other grandma (tok Asmah) for quite a long time... i have decided to spend a week with her.. to strengthen the bond that nearly fade. Tok was living with Hafizah and Akmal so I figured its like killing two birds with one stone :)

So yesterday Hafizah had a gathering with her friends... but they decided to cancel it at the last minute. With her being disappointed and me meeting hasinah over for iftar, we decided that we should go and bukak puasa all of us together.....

When we reach KLCC, told Hafizah that i'm gonna spend time with the books at Kinokuniya and let the happy couple spend some time together. After browsing and contemplating i went to pay for the books, that is when i realize to my horror that i have left my wallet and ave 50 cent only in my bag... and yes it could be considered as one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Ironically Ash still hasn't arrive with her husband to save me.

So then i call up akmal, wondering whether he'll be coming for the bukak puasa??? and since he now that i have left my wallet he decided to join us.... and save me by bringing my wallet :)

Later after our Maghrib prayers... the 5 of us.. (Akmal and his friend not included sbb dia nak balik smayang terawikh) so off we went to Starbuck to have a cuppa....

And it was then on..... we talked and laugh as we did when we were 8,7, and 5. We laugh and talk... putting aside our differences... there were so many topics that were covered during the session.... From tok som... Cikgu mengaji paling garang "awak ingat lagi tak macam mana tok som nanti bagi kita gan rotan panjang pasai dok gelak masa mengaji" and "awak ingat lagi tak sigheh (sirih) and gigi maih(emas) dia"...

And there was the Market trip conversation "awak ingat tak macam mana anjing oren yang suka hambat kita bila pi markeet dulu (owh org penang kata pasar---markeet)" and "Bangun pagi-pagi buta beli puti kat ama puri" and "awak ingat tak coin purse satu 20 kupang tue"

And there was the conversation on our toys "best gilaa.... guling-guling dalam kotak turut gon (a cemented hilly slope)" "tue la... yang tue kak taty pnya idea" and "awak ingat dak bila paip pecah kat depan rumah rozal and kita nanti pi buat tue macm swimming pool" "laaa awak ingat macm mana kita kna rotan gan mak bila kita terjon dalam kolah"

i'm gonna miss those moment and thank you guys for making my day.  

Akmal and frens

since were all from penang---> we went to have Penang food
Char Kuey Teow was the main dish including prawn me :)
talk till our hearts content with a cuppa

me, Ash and Faikis (her husband)
trying to brainwash Hafizah to become a die hard coffee addict like me... (^-^)
the only guy standing there is hafizah beu... nasi minyak will be sooner than we think.
my obsession at the moment is NAVY  BLUE