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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the Penang Yellow Bus...

my memories with the Penang Yellow Bus was bittersweet. It started when i was 15 when my family was abruptly uprooted from our Air Itam home to Balik Pulau (kindly sense that i'm being overly melodramatic). My parents have decided that i will continue my school( cause it was an all girl school) in the town area instead in our neighborhood due to its notorious reputation.

With that i start my journey with the Yellow bus.. my timetable consist of waking up at 5am to get ready to school as the bus from my new home will arrive at 5.45 and the bus from pekan kongsi to town area leaves at 6am, as it takes around an hour to reach its destination. i guess during my high school life my best adventure and memories will be on this bus as u could say i practically live there.

the ones that rides the 6am bus usually consist of students (like yours trully), workers and some farmers who came to pekan kongsi early as 3 o'clock to send their harvest to the market and at 6am.... they b headin' home. at times when the bus was extremely full, i would have to stand all the way to my school... to those of u who new balik pulau and the roads that leads to it will understand the complication i'm in.... have anyone manage to stand for an hour on the bus on the most hilliest road in Penang and sleep??? i somehow manage that fate....

I've met a lot of interesting ppl on the bus.... i even know how each driver drives.... most of them are known as the F1 drivers cause it feels like flying rather than riding. there is a person that is very similar to a Japanese actor in love letter's, and the Robert downing jr look-a-like.... owh there is also our ( me and ash took the bus together 4 2 years) arch enemy Parrot and his gang of ruffians that came from a school that i would rather not mention. they have somehow managed to spit on my bag and the list go on and on and on....
it was kind of sad when i came back one day during my uni hols and notice that the Penang yellow bus has seized its business on 2004... i wonder what happen to the drivers... and the other good people i know.... most will not agree but i would like to give me deepest gratitude to the Penang Yellow bus for being there for me.... I wouldn't be here where i am right now if it isn't for u :) thank u

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


the reason for my lack of updates was that i was on a trip with a bunch of frens to langkawi..... then when i came home i straight away resume to my nanny duties.... the only time i have to blog right now is when everyone is watching the WC or when its late at night... there is a lot of thing that i wish i could update on the blog... i'm using my blog as a medium for me to express my artistic or even creative side of me (i think i do have them so humor me :D) my first blog update will be on.......
  1. my langkawi trip with 6 totally hot and cool girls
  2. will be on how i used to be into WC and any Cup that involves the Italian player
  3. updates on the theme and ideas for my wedding ( surprise2)
  4. and lastly on how i'm proud to be a hijabi wearer....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

world cup through web

this is how i watch World Cup in IIUM..... (hate to argue with the other girls when they wanna watch something else).... thank u hazreen shima :)

K.O.R.E.A............ KOREA .....Hwaitiiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!!!

Wavin flag??? waka waka??? or victory???/

between this 3 songs which is ur favourite???? as for me my personal choice would be waving flag and victory...... i have decided to root for the Azzuri's like i have always been since i was 5 (i had a major crush on roberto baggio..... then it followed by cannavaro) and my second team will be the south korean coz they reperesent Asia in away and lastly Brasil.......
but my all time favourite song will be this...... all the footballers are so damn hot!!!!

Claimed an old blog......

i was wondering what happen to an old blog that i use to own when i was a teenager..... then i finally found it...... hahhahah i am proud of my writing those day... i was very deep and slightly philosophical..... i wonder what have changed??? i start blogging in 2004..... 6 years..... i wonder what made me stop???

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


i bet most of the people would know what the words Karok means..... i was presented with this word by my fren Hafiz last years.... the sms went "oi...jom lepak... Pija gan others dah agree... dinner then karok". My first impression was KAROK (?__?) what ever could it possibly mean... i went through all my data collection on language and my conclusion was :-
Kereck=gila (owh this is a colloquial language of the Penangites when we one to say that a person is not right in the head)

Karok=Beruk (till to this day i have no idea how i manage it (^^)
my reply to hafiz msg was only natural... "bodo! taula the theory of evolution and stuff tapi perlu la kan panggiey aku beruk... hang tue selengga tak sedar diri.... pkui brapa nak pi???"
hafiz later called me to clarify that karok is not beruk or any other insult but it was the short form for karaoke....

while were on the subject of karaoke and the main purpose of the post ( somehow i can hear Sir Ishtiaq reminding me to summarize my introduction into a paragraph....but then again its not an examination script... so i guess it'll be alright. Urmmmm.... where was i??? owh yes karok)

it has somehow come to my attention a very long time ago that i was born in a family who can sing..... and ironically like any other of my characteristics that makes me ...ME i have not inherited the singing talent or any other talent for that matter... i have always kept my singing in the showers and maybe in my room when i was so stress out with my finals... and concerts.....
so whenever i was invited to a KAROK session i would decline and shy away from the discussion as i'm very concious towards my ability to carry a rhythm ( well thank god i'm not tone deaf)and my ability to sound like...... justin beiber... (not in a good way)

but it was late last year that a few of my frens come together for our final outing before we graduated..... we realize somehow none of us came from the same state.... in order to make it memorable.... we have decided to do something that we fear the most.... majority of the group fears KArok each with their own valid reason....

and that was the first and the last time i'm ever going to a karaoke again.... apart from the song selection are not of my genre and miraculously i manage to call not only the rain but a storm to go with it---- coincidence???? i wouldn't wanna take chances :)

was calling on the rain and the storm...

due to the confidentiality of certain ppl in regards to their fear... their identity could not be shown (^^)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cooking with and Ash and Bold (part 2)

Ever since ash had food poisoning...we had vowed to cook are daily meals (and yes it is illegal for IIUM student to cook in their room.....) so yesterday dinner was--- fried rice

1 packet of adabi perencah nasi goreng
2spoon of garlic spread
2 eggs
and 3 bowl of rice

methods use (which ottosan will slightly approve as we followed his teaching):-

melt the garlic spread in the rice cooker

add the adabi perencah nasi goreng and eggs..... leave it till its 1/2 boil..

then scramble ur eggs and add some flavour to it (u know the salt and sugar stuff)

put in the rice and stir em' well till desired....

and TADAAAAA the after product...

somehow i know that ottosan will disapprove of the dish for its lack of ingredient......

boldishasanah----> childhood

well here my saga...... i was somewhat born in a family of 8 siblings..... mom is women activist and me dad is a meter-reader for TNB... during my childhood.. i live a magical dream where everything is made possible..... (not material things... though) imagination run wild and living in a kampung i had adventures just like dato' lat did in his kampung boy.....

when i was at the age of 6 i discover my love for reading and writing... i start to have a diary... filling them with my scribble of what kind of grasshopper i catch today and whether i had being chase by my arch enemy the bloody orange dog.....

at 7 and the start of my primary school years......as a child, i had this ugly haircut that i will hate to this day..... i wanted to have long hair like Ariel when my mom decided to chop it off into a coconut shape just in case i might be infected by lice during my attendance at school..... it was during this age that i discover my passion for sewing... we had and embroidery class when i was seven (it was a convent school... so go figure) and at this age i learned the punishment for not getting ur spelling right.... ( i still remember miss lee... due to my coconut like haircut.. she will pull the hair at my sideburn till i get the spelling right)

at 8 years old, my parents teach me the responsibility of being an older sister..... it was Ash first day of school when my mom came up to me and said "its high time u took up the responsibility... ur a big sister now and look after Ash on her first day of school okay.... " thus i was entrusted as Ash Guardian during school days...... owh and she was a trouble maker.... there wasn't a day when i was not called to hear the teacher complain to me... and yeah i was 8

9-12, i was fascinated with books...... from sweet valley to nancy drew..... and even r.l stine.... i remember i had and obsession with Barney to.... i still wonder why (may b i just love purple dragon.... now i'm into Dibo the gift dragon) my mom had to rotan me just to eat coz i would not get out of my room ....... as long as i can savour the sweet essence of the words.... food are merely and unimportant sustenance to me ...

somehow i couldn't find any picture of me when i was little.... i wonder where it went ????

just as i thought i wanna blog about something the blogspot became wierd..... like totally weird.... i wonder why ?????

Monday, June 7, 2010

bored 2 death....

since i do not want to interfere with Ash dating... i have decided to stay in the room..... to catch up with my reading... after 2 novels later i realize that i'm totally bored and how i wish had something to do..... hurmmmm.... any ideas??? gila boring!!!!!

KARA----> own a blogshop???

OMG!!!! KARA has their own online stores (^^)

according to daily k-pop.... the Korean Girl Idol group own a blogshop..... yeap and i have viewed it.... they do have nice stuff there.... they selling all kind of stuff... from clothes to accessories... but to bad the site is in Korean and i couldn't understand em'.... so to all those KARA die hard fan out there welcome to KARAYA

my introduction to KARA was due to this song.... it Kara---> LUPIN

Summer Break Vol 1

i just got to know of this summer break program that is organize by the Youth 10 as a post party event.... it would be a 3days 2nights trip.... at pangkor.... its limited to 500 participant..... am hoping that my parents will allow me and ash to go on this trip.... :) for more information click here

a fellow blogger tammy needs another 4 person to sign up for this trip to get a special rate price at RM 350/-

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fresh BIG brown eyes

last weekend when i went back to Penang to visit my sister (she had H1N1), Ottosan came to me and handed me an envelope that contains free 3 days trails from Freshlook.... I was quite shocked coz i never believe in this kind of thing for that i did not put my hopes to high in regards to receiving it......
i tried it yesterday and i found that wearing the dailies is wayyyyy much more comfortable than wearing the monthly ones..... it doesn't feel a thing.....
i went around my family members to ask how i look.... but everyone was against it as they say i look like an anime character hahhaha but what i like about this contacts is..... after sleeping for about 2 hours in the car... my eyes look fresh with that my face..... all in all i would recommend it to my friends especially those who have slant eyes.

the envelope that i receive

wearing the Freshlook Illuminate dailies.

i bet u guys can tell the difference between my real eyes and the contacts one right

it has a greyish black ring at the outer corner

so if ur dying to get a pair...... just click here and sometimes u can get it at nuffnang ads from the blogs u read :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

the trip with FBI and ash....

life has been kinda busy lately will update about the weekend with my 2 favorite ppl later :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

SUJU mania

well it has been quite a while that SUJU has release their fourth jib(album.. i think that how they spell it) and i just can't stop listening to their new song Bonamana.... and i totally dig their dance move.... when i first listen to it i kindda hated it... but the second time i hear it.... i can't get it out of my head.... now i'm not the only one.... Ash is addicted to it to.... she'll listen to this song before she goes to class just to lift up her spirit (i know that the statement might be a lil' un Islamic... but its the truth) and thanks to one of the ELF in my face book... i manage to get my hands on this.... kindda their latest performance... enjoy :D

Ps:- the reason as to why this post is in sapphire blue because that is their officially color :)

i'm hating my skin right now!!!!!

my unluckiness with my skin condition did start of when i reach puberty..... lets us just say after 13 years with acne problem.... i can officially declare that my face looks like a moon crater... and yeah the insecurity i felt as i was a teenager still somewhat exist in the nook of my heart..... as the years go by, i have tried a dozen kind of remedy..... traditionally and modern one to.... dermatologist??? yeah a few of them but i decided not to go on with the colourful drug infested pills I'm consuming everyday......
as my wedding date approching nearer... i wonder whether i would be able to vanquish this evil thing to oblivion and somehow i could manage to have a pretty face (my looks are average) but beutiful skin is a plus for a person like me.... so in commemoration to feeling very ugly and unhealthy i have decided to go on a 7 day detox program..... let see how that turns out :(

should i try what this article suggested???

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1. Proactiv: Spare the J-Simp and Jennifer Love Hewitt jokes; I use Proactiv every day, and have had nothing but the best of success with it. Depending on the system you choose, there are a range of cleansers, creams, and lotions to get rid of pimples quickly, effectively, and painlessly.

2. SkinMedica: Although it's quite a bit more expensive than Proactiv, SkinMedica is one of the #1 dermatologist-recommended acne products to clear away face pimples. Like Proactiv, it's a three-step system consisting of a cleanser, toner, and repairing lotion with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These three products are really all you need to bring your natural skin tone back in shape and get rid of zits.

3. Acne No More holistic treatment: Perhaps one of the most effective ways of getting rid of face pimples is treat your skin holistically. With Acne No More, you not only receive a step-by-step guide that will help you determine the right foods and products for your skin type, you get over 60 days of personal one-on-one coaching to motivate and help you clear up your skin the natural way. Many acne victims who have unsuccessfully tried to get rid of their skin lesions with doctors and dermatologists have found this to be the only way to successfully clear up their skin.

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(ArticlesBase SC #1429244)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cooking with and Ash and Bold

last night, me and Ash decided to put our cooking skill to the test..... we did an American breakfast for dinner... yes dinner....but there were no sausages.....
it turned out quite good even though we lack a few key ingredients like salt and onions....

the cooking tools that were use :- one small rice cooker
a mallet
a can opener
a pair of plastic fork and spoon...
the ingredients that we manage to scourge were: a loaf of wholemeal bread
4 eggs
1 box of dutch lady low-fat milk
6 packets of McDonald's pepper
2 packets of McDonald chili sauce
4 spoon of garlic spread
a small can of bake beans...

here we mixed the 2 spoon of garlic spread, half of the milk, some peppers and the egg.... then we star scramblin'......

then it was to the toast...... spreading garlic spread on the bread... somehow we got curios as to whether we could make a French toast using the sandwich maker... hence the creation of the partial French toast

and this are all the picture we took on how we manage to create the baked beans.... :D
a spoon of garlic spread....

pour the bake bean,milk and let it simmer

add 2 packets of McDonald sauce and 6 packets of pepper and let it boil...

and here its done :P

the tools that were use to open the cans

the after product of our dinner "the quarter American breakfast"


In a far away land... live two sister in a cramp purple room shared by 6 others... life in this lil' room was pleasant.... it started of with the missing selipar jamban.... we kept wondering what ever happened to... as all hope was lost in recovering the stolen item.... the next day it magically appeared at their doorstep... both of the sister were befuddled by the event... has a mischievous nymph spirited it away for its evil spell??? in their thought's were whatever that has happened to the selipar jamban..... it is safely back...
later in the evening the sisters good friend ainul came feeling slightly flustered.... she said to the sister "have u seen my roxy selipar jamban??? its been missing all week.... could the nymph whisked it away like how it did to ur selipar jamban...... the sister were quite shocked at the information they receive from their good friend.... "urmmm..... ainul i saw one of our room mates wearing it everyday for about a week now.... i thought it was hers..." ash said. So now they know who took their selipar jamban... disappointed as the sisters were about the occasion... they decided to put it all behind them as the girl said she only borrowed it.
weeks past by.... and nothing unusual happened in the cramped little room until yesterday.... as Ash was getting ready for her classes, she realize that she was running late.... she storm of the room in a hurry.... then Bold heard the shout that make her jumped out of her skin...... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" it was the cry of someone in anguish.... as tears trickled down her face Ash came in the room and told her sister that her MJ shoes was stolen..... trying to comfort her little sister as best as she can.... Bold decided to lend her shoes at it will fit Ash outfit perfectly........
later in the evening as Ash came back from her classes...... Ash was bewildered to caught the sight of her MJ shoes on the shoe rack.... shouting happily to her sister she bring the pair inside the room for safe keeping..... then came her room mate with a bland face..... "is this your shoes??? i borrowed it".... so that when it dawn upon the sister that they have a shoe borrower living with them.... so kids... beware of the shoe borrower..... u might never know how they look like as they come on all shape and sizes....