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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, March 4, 2013

Life's little... Set back

Life's and its set back... so what's new.. yea .. with less than 2 years of reaching the BIG 30, you can't help but ponder as to what life has to offer . At the most crucial turning my point in my life, I'm suffering from one of the worst setback so far. Life is no longer a roller coaster, but one hell of whirlwind of a never ending cycle of  frustration, anger, sadness.. just to name a few.  With all the craziness that life is offering me right now, I sit back for breather.. pondering and digesting what have I evolve into. Have I become the women I dreamt of being, Have I become the wife that I dreamt of being, and have I become the adult I dreamt of being at this stage in my life.

In April 2012, I read a letter I wrote to myself when I was 18. I realize that I was an idealist back then. As I continue to read the letter, my world-view of life have evolved from an Idealist to a die hard Realist. I guess this is the journey we call life.. All i can say is.. BRING IT ON!!

My motto now days is LILLAHI TAA'LA



                                         I am living a monotonous life!