Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 me

why do i strongly believe that Digi iPhone 4 giveaway is fated for me and only me... there is a few reason for my believe as most of he incident that happen to me seems to point in to this direction " I'm The Lucky Nuffnanger to win this contest" (i have never been so confident in my life...malu la plak)
on 20th September 2010, my precious possession ended her life at the age of five.. thus being a fussy and a loyal owner, it took me sometime to recover from the sadness that has engulf me... so i decided to borrow my younger brothers phone till i manage to overcome my sadness...  enlightenment approach me on 24.09.10. my first view on its sleekness and slimness... realize that i have fallen in love.... the iPhone 4 heals my wound...

la revelation befalls on me when i read that Digi is giving an iPhone 4 to one lucky winner... 
i believe that there will be several benefits for me in owning and i phone. firstly I'll be able to log in2 my social network (FB, twitter and the likes of it) secondly, i no longer have to que and quarrel  with my sibling every-time i wanna go online. lastly, i'll be able to update my blog like a breeze as i can snap good quality pictures with its HD video recording and it 5 megapixel camera.. 
if I were to win this... it will commemorate a new chapter in my life as i will finally become a woman... I'll be celebrating my convocation on the 3rd of October and my wedding on the 10th of October... what can be a better way 2 start a new life by owning the new iPhone 4.

PS: just being cheeky here--- I've been a DIGI  postpaid user for 7 years

Saturday, September 25, 2010

do u want a free iPhone 4?

was having a break from doing my wedding preparation when i stumbled upon one of the best contest ever!!! Digi is giving a free i-phone 4 to one lucky contestant.. all u have to is go to this link .... an raed the instruction... the contest is from 24th - 1st october.... good luck everyone... i'm gonna enter tooo lets hope i'll be lucky :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another death of a beauty mogul----Aveer founder sarina jaafar

has this become a trend in Malaysia? last night the Malaysian were shocked by another death of a beauty mogul sarina jaafar. she was found hanged in her master bedroom...police somehow reported an investigation on the case will be done as sarina was a good friend of sosilawati. for more info regarding this case kindly click on the link below :

may Allah bless her soul al-fatihah..

re-quote from Sir Dan "

I know darkness. I am engulfed by it. Yet i am not threatened by it for I know Who it ultimately serves...Light"

Friday, September 17, 2010

the death of M.Rajoli

i just came back from purchasing some of my wedding stuff when i check my twitter... the trending topic was the death of M.Rajoli...it was said that he was suffering from cancer at his brain fluid... he was a great actor.... a versatile one.... he can be a lelaki miang in one drama, and an imam in one drama without failing to amuse his audience... today Malaysia  has again lost one of the best artist in the cinema history of our time.. you will be missed... May Allah Bless his soul...Al-Fatihah..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my second day of eid

 on my second day of eid... i went along with hahaue to visit the needy that was in my area.... we went to 6-7 houses in balik pulau... its a good thing seeing most of the orphans that was once the kids of RJNA all grown up.. from the way i see it... hahaue is very proud of them...

mak cik hendon has been under the RJNA care since i was 17 years old... when her husband died, she had to take up the responsibility of taking care of her 8 children by just making traditional kuih to sell...

a single mother (on the left) who has to take care of her son and her mother by making kuih kapit... lately her feet was infected by a strange disease that her leg swell up trice its size...  

a grandma to an orphan boy... she is in her late 70's and is unable to work... she takes odd job on a daily basis to support her grandson schooling.

the granma neighbour... was the most charitable person on earth... she live in a hut made of zinc and the floors were soil.... yet she was able to give the HOME RM 1,000.00 that she has been saving for the usage of the kids.. on the day of our visit... the grandma was extremely unwell that we couldn't meet her.... she lives alone and she will be in our dua'... i hope that i could be as unselfish and as un-materialistic as she is.

my second day of eid made me realize that the joy of eid is in giving out what u can to the needy... this is so far the best eid ever :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hari ini dalam sejarah!!!!

Eid Mubarak people :)

As the call for Subuh rang across the sky... the Akhir's family start their day bustling around the house as they took turn ironing their eid clothes.... taking their ablution and all the sunat things that a muslim would do in the morning of eid.... with 11 todlers running around the house... the Akhir' girls somehow manage to multi-task.
it was decided on that particular morning.... teena and sue will have to stay back at home and monitor some of the toddlers while the other will be brought to the mosque..... after everything has been settled... mak/hahaue decided to pray at masjid terapung in tanjung tokong ( nearly 15-20km from our balik pulau home) thus the journey start at 7.30pm..... most of us tak sempat nak ikut sunnah nabi to have breakfast first.... i somehow do not like the crowd there.... mentang2 la lepas ramdhan they find its okay to scrutinised ppl that is slightly different from them... free2 kna ajaran sesat.. well continuing the story after the agonizing 1/2 an hour pnya dok kna kutuk gan makcik2 tua semasa imam dok baca khutbah.... perut mula lah berkeroncong.... and aisyah was getting cranky coz she was hungry...

dengan itu maka terjadilah peristiwa bersejarah di dalam keluarga Akhir, menyambut kemenangan berpuasa sebulan dengan ber-breakfast di McDonald.... hahahha it was funny coz sebelum solat eid, my mom was complaining how we should start boycotting the israeli product.... i guess all the setan are back....

see how happy aisyah is with her stomach full

P.S:- i have no idea what got into me.... blog post hari nie caca merba... :! tsk!!tsk!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

iftar with the busiest man on earth

this Ramadhan... i have been busy being a professional babysitter to my mom's orphans ( the kids) so spending time with my fiancé was extremely limited.On the other hand lover boy was tied down with the work at site 24/7(even on Sunday). so on the last day of fasting we manage to make sometime 4 each other... i was craving for Dome fish n chips... i was quite surprised that the place was quite empty... even by 7.15 only a quarter of the table were occupied...
and that was the first time that edos ever commented on my outfit.. yeah he hates alright... he says that i dress like a tween popstar... hahahah yeah right... i never thought that he notice anything i wear.. (being a man and all) after rumaging to my closet i realize that most of my clothing were bought in my tween years.... and i haven't been able to upgrade my wardrobe to the age that i am for 2 simple reason
  1. firstly, i hate being an adult all the good old fun is being suck dry...
  2. all the fun clothes are made for the tweens...

the face of a hungry man

it was lovely.... but i only manage to finish half of the portion only...

the man can't live without his rice

his extremely delicious squash frog and my cuppa latte...

we decided to make this last iftar a memorable one as we will be celebrating next ramadhan as a married couple.
:) later that night it was so kind of edos to bring some fireworks for the kids... the inner kid in me jump for joy :) hehhehe gonna have a session of playing fireworks tonight 2..

i guess i'm 16 at heart anyway... :)