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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

an encounter with a praying mantis!!!!!!!

A few days ago as i was washing lil' ahmad popo(urmm that is what u call shit in kids language)... my dad gave me a shout "hasanah mai tgk nie!!! its amazing" (kindly google the malay part) grab u camera" so after i cram ahmad into his drypantz... i went to my father rather annoyed that i had to be rush in doing things.. then my father gave me the silent sign and points out at the most incredible thing i ever saw... a praying mantis laying it egg.. somehow it wasn't the normal size looking mantis but rather a small one..... so here are some of the snap shoots of what happen :)

and this is how a normal size matis egg will look like

busy lil' bee

my life have been extremely hectic lately that i was unable to update my blog at all..... so here is the situation---- i Nur hasanah a.akhir is a graduate from IIUM who finds her self jobless since last year and doing a full time nanny job for free.... yes taking care of 3 active toddlers is not and easy job... u have a lot of responsibility.... so since i can't sleep today.... (due to a large cup of vanilla latte at big apple) i have decided to update my blog post with all the draft that i have in my lil' journal book.... so i'm truly sorry for those who actually find my upcoming post uninteresting and unglamorous( u can't be a glamorous nanny with 3 toddlers mind u).... but at the moment that is how i lead my life.... and currently i'm trying my best to get a job coz i felt so useless and helpless in depending on my own parents for an allowance.... (i can no longer shop :( not even books :( ).... so kindly bear with me... for the next Allah know best how many month and my lil' pleasure at home :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

7 hot girls and an island part 1

A few weeks ago, two of my girls called me up for a trip to Langkawi…. Since I haven't been to langkawi since I was 6, I decide to tag along with the consent of my parents. What worried me was that there was another 4 girl in the group I know nothing of… will I be able fit in with the crowd or will I be just another outcast among the group…. We reached the kuala perlis jetty around 6am… I was excited beyond words that my problems were being washed away by the beuty of the sun rising as I was on the ferry… when we had breakfast it was then I decided that the girls are really nice and friendly…. Maybe we can get a long after all ( yes I'm a very negative thinker when it comes to the art of human interaction)

The first day we checked in into a motel at pantai chenang…. Being us girls and as most will agree we do get excited easily we decided to straightaway to have some sightseeing…. A good fren who is an islander named "suria" (it means the sun in Sanskrit) brought us to the cable car-----à which had such a long queue that we decided not go on it and wait for 2morrow…. Then we went to the 7 fairy's well… decided to have a bath there when we realize that none off us has brought are swimming suits with us… by the time all the mishap seem to happen we decided to retire to our room and have lunch and get some rest….. right after Asr' a few of us decided to have a swim in the Chenang beach…. And yes beingme--- I was the one who suggest it J

Stopped at Suria's work place

swimming at Chenang beach

On the second day, we woke up early and decided to go island hopping ( is where a boat take u hopping from one island to another). The first island we stopped at was the island of Tasik Dayang bunting a.k.a the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. The lake was emerald green and it is 500 meters deep. Somehow the deepness of the lake make most of us weary and analyzing our swimming skills… and yes there were some panic attacks J. Thank god for the life jackets rental services at RM 10 (they will return ur 5 bucks when u return their jackets) most of us felt secure…urmm slightly anyways except for Helena… she is very confident… one of the primary skill u must posses when u want to swim.

Helena is not in the picture as she is the only one who can freely go up and down the plank…

Somehow urs truly was partially deaf due to the hijab… J

The 7 hot girls--à Helena is the one in black with no life jackets..

Next stop was eagle feeding. Ironically we arrived as the eagle were totally full of the chicken skin that was being feed by other tourist, the only opportunity we had was seeing them circling around us… we were told by the boatman that Langkawi got its name from the eagle (Helang in malay) and that the white eagle are known as the sea eagle and the brown one are known as the hilltop eagle.. during the olden days, seaman of langkawi will watch the eagle to know the level of the sea ( like air pasang and surut). I couldn't quite remember how…. So the only pic that was snap during this time was by the boatman of us in the boat.


Our last island hopping is the Pulau Beras Basah… the beach was beautiful, soft sandy beach sparkling.. clear blue water… it was heavenly even thou it was nearly noon … so we went to have a dip and laze around for an hour… it was blissful..