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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, February 26, 2011


my painting tools :)

           Ever since i was a child, my amusement has always been on makeups... It always amaze me how by just slathering a lippy on your lips can make all the changes in the world..

                 Later when my worldview has turn slightly philosophical , i perceive the human face as an empty canvas where you can paint it however you like it to be, goth, sunny, natural, classic u name it. Unlike a real painting u can never erase it if there were to be mistake.But a face is like a blackboard.. mistakes can be erase and re-painted.

                As i reach my adulthood, with a painted face i can muster all the confidence i need.. It can help me improvise certain features that I'm  extremely proud off.. It helps me to muster up my courage whenever i'm in a pinch. I do believe in natural beauty but lets be realistic... Not everyone is beautiful and sometimes you need a little help to bring out your hidden beauty. 

              So there you have it, my very own confession on why i wear makeup... but my makeup regime depends on my mood... if i need that extra boost of confidence... i'll be applying some. But when i'm mellow down to the core,, i prefer an unpainted one :) So what is your understanding of wearing makeup??
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A chuggers life...

At this point in my life, i feel like a chugger who has run out of fuel.. While i keep on chuging as hard as i could, my chuging has taken its toll.. This is the 1st time in my life i feel so stressed out... I feel like i can no longer chug around this track. As i dock myself.. I realize i need a moment to pause and review my life longs goals... Does this track leads me to my destination or does it takes me bck to the dock and keep on circling the same track 4 the rest of my life.. Whatever the consequences is, this chugger has decided to make the best of everything she has... So off this pink lilttle goes chunging into a brand new day. But she never stop praying and hoping that tomorrow will be better than today..

Why do i associate myself with chuggers is that i belive i'm very much like brewster of chugington... I keep chunging to my hearts content without realizing the damage i've done
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Monday, February 21, 2011

a moment of contemplation

To what reason she left her blog untended was unknown even to her... Maybe adapting to a new environment and the new phase of her life made her ponder the very reason of creating a blog. Ever since the web and internet became a fad, she has always keep up with the latest network trend.. From bloging to social network till games.. Name it.. She has it. It was in her years as a matric student, she started bloging.. Firstly was through the myspace blog.. Later opening her own blogger account. Bloging was a mechanism for her to express herself and to polish her skill in writing for she wanted to be a writer... She finds that blogging is a way for her voice to be heardv as there is no longer. . So what kind of blogger is she?? UNIVERSAL.. She address issues that matters to her the most and her day 2 day experiance... So does anyone reads her blog?? She will never know ....
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