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Thursday, January 20, 2011

falsies alert.

aishah and her first falsies

Kids are growing up so fast this days... Once i read and article about mark and spencer catering bras for 6 year old and make up for younger girls. I do belive its due to the media and ones upbringing...
When i was a toddler, around the age of 6 my obsession were on books and insect (which scare the hell out of me once i reach puberty) and trying to get the catch of the day ( it has to be a pregnant peacock fish or the most colorful tail). Its sad to see how kids lost their innocentness and their charm at a young age.. Gone were the days of enid blyton children and their replacement are bratz... I wish when i have kids later in my marriage life.. They will be obsess with books and and all the other things that children my era would love and may they keep their innocent a little longer.. Coming back to the picture, ash cut out some old falsies and make her wear em... The picture best describe my discussion above and i name the picture.. The lost of innocence... Some how the falsies and aishah just seem wrong.. There is no balance to her features... I hope she will retain her child like charm in many years to come and may she be patience with her childhood and age so that she wont be so eager to grow up...
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being married..

i just love this picture :)

Let me tell u this being married is hard... Its not all the fairytale u thought its gonna be... I prepared myself for all kind of sticky and challenging situation but i have nver been more annoyed by this situation coz i keep getting stuck with this same question like a hundread time... The essence is the same but they tend to repharse depending on the person who quarries it.. Nearlly 50% of the ppl i meet will ask whether i'm preggers or not?? I bet what they really want to know is... Have u done it... I don't blame the inqusitive nature of the human mind but i hate it went i gave an upfront answer... I get a backlash.. Sometime i wish the comunity will be a little bit more open on the problems and issues of the newly weds... At one point in my life i think i'm a gonner but after endless of search of the truth i found that i'm just normal.. The next time any1 ask if i'm preggars or not i'll just turn a deaf ear and ignore them.. Ur mayb the elders but at time due to the rigidity that you impose.. Ppl like me and the other newly weds are left in the dark with the things we thought that could never happen actually happen.. So i'm sorry if my answer were to direct or to upfront... I thought i was just being honest.. I didn't know that my honesty was consider un-norm like.. So i guess i'm sorry that i do not follow the norm.. And about getting preggers... It'll happen when Allah permits it and when Allah knows the both of us are ready.. For Allah knows best and ALLAH is the only one who understand me best.. So i just hope ppl will just lay off on when i'm getting preggers... I have a wonderful husband and i'm thankful of that..
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

home made macaroons

i swoon at the sight of macaroons :)

Well if the usual home made macaroon comes in pretty lil boxes.. My macaroons comes in plastic 4 sen... I'm xtremely happy that i finally get to have a bite of this lovely thing... This macaroon was made by my sister colegue.. A baker with 20 years of xperiance and a french... I'm extremly lucky to have a culinary lecturer as my sister... I get goof food for free... She bought a book on macroons... Which is cool coz i can borrow... And start making my own... Now all i need is an oven...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

to blog or not to blog...

I wish to be able to blog everyday but time and internet connection does not permit me to... Currently most of my bloging are post via mobile blogger droid software.. So the very basic thing for me to do is post a picture an write bout it... So i'm in a mojor turmoil in deciding whether or not i should give up blogging... I have and endless list of what to write about... But could nver had the time like used to with being married and workin.. To blog or not to blog thay is the question...
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Friday, January 7, 2011


When i finally tie the knot, i was prepared for some tremendous changes. But alas, nothing change.. I'm still here waiting.. And waiting.. Will there ever be a time when i can just stop waiting... Life hasn't been kind to me lately.. And i hate the very place i stand on... Being belittle.. Treating me like i'm not worth a cent.. I don't really need this... My alergies are bck and so does my fungal infection.. I'm know i'm being emotional.. But what can i do... Whatever it is i prayed that Allah will cast upon me some silver linings durings this turbulent times... I miss the day when i was young and carefree of the ups and downs of the world... Where nothings irks me and being joyfull and contented with the ppl around me... I'm praying for a positive vibe everyday..
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life 101 lesson…

There are times in my life when I feel xtremly small. I’m dire need of different environment. At times I could not comprehend my existence here. If it were to be on the basis of self help, than I prefer to be someplace else… I wouldn’t mind the feeling of disheartening from a human being; I wouldn’t want to have to know this is how he viewed me. Life has its up and downs, currently I’m at the bottommost level. I need to step up my game. I hate being so helpless;