Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010...... Happy new year :)

every1 is xtremely xcited bout the coming new year... am i??? well all i can say that its a mix feelings...... firstly 2010 will mark a new beginning for me as a daughter, a sister and a servant (to Allah)... i for one was never the kind of person to make new year resolution... for the very reason that i know i would never keep them.. trust me i wouldn't... i always plan my life 5 years ahead... not only during the new year but anywhere in between...
but this year I'm gonna list down my resolution in hoping that u ppl might remind me off them...

  1. I'm gonna fulfill all my promises to Allah in trying my best to keep in check my obligation towards him.
  2. I'm gonna pass the TQS 2000M with flying colour by being able to read the surah al-imran perfectly (tajwid and everything)
  3. get a driving license..... (i know2.... driving creeps me out)
  4. start planning for my wedding :)
  5. try to keep my obsession in check ( a girl can never have to many handbags or makeup)
  6. try to keep my room as clean as possible
  7. since I'm getting married i figure its high time that i should start to learn how to cook and not doing it virtually only (facebook)
  8. indulge my self in my hobby such as reading, beading, and baking as much as possible
  9. talk less and smile more
  10. lastly disciplining myself by joining the air force :)
so dear frens have u made ur new year resolution.... :)

picture courtesy to anita jamal

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ten....ten...ten... <3

i have finally made up my mind... my solemnization date will be 10/10/10..... finally..... hahaue told me that i was given the chance to choose my solemnization date as the reception date will be in the hands of the elders..... it just hit me that I have to start planning for everything..... *sigh*.

so far the stuff that i have look into is :-

the wedding guest-- not more than 50-100
theme---traditional Malay (white and lots of roses--pink and red)
and that is basically it.....
owh... and another thing is i don't wanna wear a wedding ring because i was thinking of a wedding necklace...

Edwardian necklace that I have always dream off but a staggering price of USD 25,000 is just way out of my league

this necklace is adorable so maybe I'm gonna get this <3>

Sunday, December 20, 2009

bridal makeup workshop

yesterday i accompanied a good friend of mine to a bridal makeup workshop at Nurin makeover studio... it was nice..... her techniques emphasize on the natural features that a person have... i love the falsies (fake eyelashesthat sha (the one who did all the makeup) put on me... i don't really have the exact pictures of how i look like after the makeup....

ps : sha did a wonderful job....
i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that i can't open my facebook..... just look at how the damn thing look like when i have to use the M.facebook.com (this is the facebook website for mobile phones) and there is no games... the last this happen, i have to wait for about a week till this damn thing clear out....

and this is how it turns out if ur using ur PC (mobile surfing is damn expensive i tell u)

Monday, December 14, 2009

a weekend adventure

had a fun weekend out with the Sabri's sisters (sha and ija). Went to Times Square on Friday to meet up with the girls..... need to buy something red... as that was the theme color for the event that were attending on Friday..... all we could get was a necklace and shoes (that i end up not waring coz it makes me look slightly like a minah rempit)...

then it was off to danau kota for a hunt on the red clutch (Sha has nothing red on her) so the hunt ended about 2am and she manage to get a really cute clutch.... <3> four..... and we didn't get some shut eye till the early dawn.... as expected... we were late for the event....... but we manage to arrive around 12 for a second session....

ija and me.... at Dara.com workshop :)

nurul/sha with here adorable red clutch

the sabri's sister that help me to have a blast weekend :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OMG..... i'm getting married.....

The time has come for me to finally tie the knot with this person that i care for the past 6 going on 7 years with...... At the very moment i'm contemplating whether I'm ready for this kind of commitment???????? well whatever it is the date has been set...
so hasanah a.akhir... there will be no turning back

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

what is in the big black bag....

the current amusement of the lil' angel is eating lotion and dinging the garbage bin...... today, she was caught 3 times digging it..... is this even normal???? thank god she didn't eat anything... and now i'm pestering ottosan to get a new bin..... maybe one from IKEA ...


the house is full..... my nephew's and nieces are back for the hols.... *sigh* gonna be a tough job.... ottosan is currently helping me getting fat with all his delicious cooking..... i'm on cloud 9 :) A few days ago i've got a shocking news from the PPL in South Africa... kak teena is preggars with their 3rd child!!!!!! but me and the family back home was somehow expecting it..... can't wait for her to be back in m'sia....


and lastly, ash keeps complaining that she is fat... finally she realize it... she was in some sort of denial when it comes to her weight... so now she is pestering me to exercise.... but i'm such a lazy bum.........

Monday, November 23, 2009

my job as a nanny....

i have to take care of this lil' angel....


Fablehaven was a book i found on a shelf in kinokuniya..... as an avid reader of fantasy novel i bought the book without hesitation.... and now the final instalation will be out in march 2010... the story is about kendra and seth discovering their grandparents were the keeper for magical creature reserve in other words.... sanctuary... the writer is brandon mule... since it is not quite famous in malaysia... i get the books from amazon .com with the help of my fiance (his credit card anyway)...... manage to get the picture of the cover of the book....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Eastern and Oriental express

As me and Ash were about to go back to Penang .... we came across something that we could only dream of..... the Eastern and Oriental Express Train (known as the world most Luxurious Train in the world) in the Old Railway Station (Kuala Lumpur). we were aesthetic.... thank the heavens i brought the camera... and it wouldn't be complete without me in the picture :)

me and ash got all excited when we step down from the commuter

we made a vow to ride this train before the both of us tie the knot

the dining area:-

the lovely Observation Car:-

the Cabin :-

This is an excerpt i took from the original site:-

The Eastern & Oriental Express

'Trains are wonderful... to travel by train is to see nature and human beings, towns... and rivers, in fact, to see life' - Agatha Christie

A quarter of a mile in length, the Eastern & Oriental Express luxury train recaptures the golden age of rail travel through one of the world's most beautiful and exotic regions.

Gourmet cuisine, personal service and luxuriously appointed cabins come together in delightful harmony whilst the train gently travels through the sounds and sights of tropical forests close to the earth's equator.

Accommodating 132 passengers in 66 air-conditioned cabins, the Eastern & Oriental Express is a truly unique way to explore South East Asia and a remarkable celebration of any special occasion.

and lastly....... the price range from USD 2000++ - USD3000++

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i know that i haven't manage to update my blog like a bout half of the year already... i;m finally graduating from IIUM..... so as a final year student my life have been as hectic as ever...... and apart from that my sister came back from south Africa in order to for the eid fest with his sons... at the moment I'm having my finals.... let us just hope that i will be able to graduate with flying colours <3........

Saturday, April 25, 2009

is there anything i can do to make my life interesting..

what a day....... did'n sleep the whole night...... and was lazy to get up from bed... went to work late.....huhuhuhuhuh...... sorry cik nizam..... but basicaly.... there was no customer for the past 3 days....(workin part time at cc)..... since it was a holiday break.... most of the student went back... well at 3 or maybe 4... i'm attending this international muslim youth camp that will be held in the uni.... sadly.... some of the comittee members..... found out that my name was missing from the list of participant..... so i have to go back at 4 and see how's things go..... c my life is as boring as ever.... benci giler..... is there anyway that i could make life a lil bit more interesting.....
the reason for me penning this down is because----------------> I AM BORED.. =D

do you know lauren luke???

well i was web browsing yesterday and i found something amazing on the net.... do you panacea81..... well her real name is Lauren Luke....... the best part is she has come up with her own makeup line...... it comes in 5 different range.... its a pallet that contains :- primer, eyeshadow, blushers, and also lip colours..... I'm so getting them..... and the best news is..... it will be shipped globally.... all around the world.... sweet........ the line is call "by Lauren Luke" will be sold world wide starting this 27th April.... the fierce violet is my fave colour.... can't wait...

i've been really busy...... and i do mean really busy...

i just reach 24 yesterday.... how do i feel??? u could say that I'm scared..... really scared.... when i was younger.... at the age of 18... i believe that 24 will be like the pinnacle point of my life.... there were so many things that i wanted to achieve.... well let me c.... my accomplishment would be at the age of 24 is:-
1) studying in IIUM
2) working in an embassy/UN
3) have a great job
4) at least have a BF
5) have a clean and clear skin
6) go holiday abroad

the only thing i mange to achieve so far are 1,4,6...... I'm not really afraid of getting old.... what I'm afraid is the thought of not achieving my dreams....... in other words I'm afraid of what the future holds for me....

Friday, March 20, 2009

hectic schedule

well, i have so many things to do this week... finals in 2 weeks.... then i have 3 assignment due by this sunday...... and so many anime's to download..... and at the same time i have a sleeping disoder... sedey.................

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Naruto Shipuden 100 ep....

well naruto shipuden is 1ooth ep.... congrats.... to those who wants to download it... zone anime under naruto shipuden... by horriblesub... as for skip beat ep 23 ... jap realease is today so we have to wait 1-3 days 4 the english sub... currently i'm following the manga... hilarious i tell u... BIG NEWS- for those who love fuwa sho song paradise in ep..... hurmm can't rmmber.. u can get it at cruchy roll skip beat world group...... this is skip beat first ep... enjoy :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


this is one of the latest anime i have been following religiously..... so far the latest is ep 22.... here is the summary:- "kyoko megumi is a 16 year old girl who left home with Fuwa Shotaro/fuwa sho(artist name) to help him pursue his dream in becoming Japan no1 idol.... the plots thickens when in the first ep kyoko realise that Sho has been using her as a tool to achive his dream while Kyoko love towards him is sincere... this release the Pandora box in a person soul...." i guess that will do..... i downloaded them either from animetake or gal anime.... trust me it is a must watch....


well i used to have a blog during 2005.... but my life back then was unexciting.... so i think :).. the reason for me to start bloging - to pass the time when i'm working my part time job... coz recently there have been probs 4 me to download my anime.... hurmm... since this is my first post... let me just introduce myself or rather the blog..... post will be on ANIME, Korean c-ries, AND....my daily life......