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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 days challenge~ Day 1 : A photo description of yourself and how your days was including 5 interesting facts about urself


when i was cute and still adorable :)

Well today was the day i did some spring cleaning in my old room... being married, my room has been pass over to my elder brother. With this, i have to packed my belongings and bring the over to MIL house.. After going through most of the stuff that i own- i kept my own lock of hair when i was 8 (a princess phase). i guess this has to be my fav growing up pictures.. somehow i manage to look adorable.

Day 1.b: 5 interesting facts about urself

1. I never want to be rich- 
      to me a sufficient amount of money for me and my family to   
      get by is all i ever wanted. Material/brands never bother me much but i hate it when i could 
      never buy a good book because i'm slightly off budget. 

2. I hate creepy crawlies and love anything crafty

3. I want to be the UN secretary general, writer, historian and 
     (those are my life longs dream and it can be proved as a valid reason why i do 
      not want to be rich and glamorous).

4. People assume that i'm "open-minded" but actually i'm a little bit  
      ( in a sense that i hold on to old age tradition as long as it is within the boundaries of Islam.... 
       somehow i love the stereotypical role of a women but it doesn't mean i can be stepped upon)

5. I'm shy but talkative
     when being in an unfamiliar grounds i tend to be a shy wallpaper but once the adaptation occur--  
      - i'm a happy little chatterbox that could go on forever.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 30 Days Challenge

I bet most of the Blogger suffer from a writers  blogger block. I really wanted to update my blog, but i realize I'm suffering from Blogger Block. And i have finally find the cure for it after reading this blog "life is a big Canvas". So I goggled about it and found 2 different sets of the 30 days challenge... since i can't decide which i wanna do so i have decided that i would do both :) lets hope this time i manage to keep this challenge instead of doing it 1/2 way.

The first set

Credits to  twenty  four carat

The 2nd set

credits to me i think

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Berita Harian Cartoon made it into the CNN

The controversial Cartoon that made Malaysia Famous for all the wrong Reason
The above cartoon is extracted from today's berita harian... what is your view on this matter? is it because its a pro-government own paper that they allow such insensitive publication. I do not find it funny at all.. for a person to make a joke over something so devastating i wonder whether he has a heart.

Does he not understand the degree of devastation that is going on in Japan... does he not care for the life lost there...  I pray for Japan.. for its ppl and for its children... shall Allah bless them with perseverance and strong Faith.

PS: thank u Zoy for making Malaysia famous for all the wrong reason

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Melancholic workerholic

Sighhhhhh!!?! I am officially a melancholic workerholic!!! This week start with a very bad footing for urs trully... With all those bloody office politics.. I was so demotivated to work. later i start being depress with the situation i'm in... It seems as if there is no hope left for me to pursue my dreams and my fairytale seems to be a lil bit shaky... So mr melancholic gave me a tap on the shoulder and wanted to b my companion.. I agreed with this lil union and welcome him with and open hand... It was not until yesterday day that i manage dispel the bond i have with mr meloncholic... The dispelment came in the form of those lovely toddlers at home.. Their laughter replace my frown and their hugs warm the icecicles in my heart.. All hope return ro me and the jump is back in my steps... I guess this is the best therapy for de-stressing urself... Thank u kids... U guys sure make my world goes round :-))
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