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Friday, July 22, 2011

From a 10 ringgit shirt..

Ever since i was a kid, i was never the kind of person to be deluded by brands... Yes i love the high end fashion but it was never in my interest to own one... My choice in material things has always been about the quality rather than the brands itself..

There are times in my life when i buy some pieces of expensive clothing.. It was never and impulse buy.. But a full research was done... Will i often wear it??? Is it durable enough??? Is it comfortable??? Then i would sleep on it... If i still dream about having them... Then i would buy them..

Never in my life have i ever used any1 Else's money to buy anything.. My mom thought me that if u wanna own something... U have to work hard for it...then u shall cherish it..

I don't understand why it bugs me so much.. (I'm blaming the bloody weather for being so hot ) some1 just post a comment on one of my post... And ask me how can i afford some of the stuff i have.. Now that is just plain rude don't ya think???

What makes u have the right to say or even to decide what i can afford and what i could not afford... It is the basis of human rights that human have every rights to acquire the necessity that they need in their daily living..

i work hard to get what i want.. And that is what drives me to be successful... I buy things base on my needs and base on my own capacity to acquire them.. I don't need any tom, dick or harry to point me the guidelines on what i can own and what i could not... U have no right to question me... I wasn't spoon fed like you... And i don't just laze around in the house waiting for the world to be better...

Yes... I don't come from a rich family... And yes I'm not married to a rich husband... But do i still have to buy a 10 ringgit shirt when i can afford a 100 ringgit shirt??? I know where i came from... It made me what i am today... And yes i still remember the years when i own only a pair of cargo pants and 3 shirt of rm 10 each.. Do i resent it??? No... I don't.. And yes i still wear cheap clothes that i bought at a bundle shop that cost 4 ringgit each... I'm not gonna tell you which one... U figure out yourself..
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