Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Finally!!! Finally!! Finally!! I Finally have the time and the means to update this blog. Where do i begin hurmm???

Okay after the career setback i face in 2012.. (going to a lot of interview and fail) i have finally entered the NGO world. I am first and foremost thankful to Allah for hearing my prayers and to the NGO for giving me the opportunity to prove myself that I am a loser some claims me to be.There were so many interesting event that took place for the past 4 months I've been there. 

 "Child and Youth Justice Within the Malaysian Legal System" by the Voice of the Children

The first week I joined the NGO, I was given the chance to attend a training called "Child and Youth Justice Within the Malaysian Legal System" by the Voice of the Children for two days. Being a person with zero legal background, my supervisor helped me a lot in explaining the legal terminology that was used in the training. The training open up my eyes to the reality of Malaysian judicial system in Malaysia and how at some point it is a discrimination towards children. It also explained clearly how restorative justice can help a child and the community through healing. Case law were used to discuss on the impact of the sentencing to the child and whether or not it was in the best interest of the child. I've made several new friends and they open up my mind to the endless possibility of what you want to achieve in life as long as you have the passion for it and not to forget to work hard to achieve it.

Victim Court Support.

Another interesting that happened to me was that i was given the chance to follow the social worker and my supervisor to provide support for the victims and their family that are attending the court. First experience was at a Shariah Court, even the case was postponed to another date, I could see the frustration that the victim was feeling as she burst into tears when she had to wait for another month for a hearing. She was and still is a domestic violence victim. As most people should know, the Shariah court proceeding is so damn long-winded that no one with the logical mind could understand why. Has Islam makes it so difficult for a victim to request a divorce from her abuser? (I'll get into this discussion when i have an in-depth knowledge pertaining this matter).

It was later in the month of may  I was yet given another chance to tag along  to a sentencing in a criminal court. It was an Incest+rape case. I awoke early that morning feeling groggy from the lack of sleep i faced and the lack of caffeine entering my brain, wore my most presentable outfit got in the car and sleep(i guess i was to exhausted). Once i reached the court i look over for a place to sit. The benches outside the court was nearly full filled by the public and some lawyers waiting for the court to start. I took a sit beside and elderly man, he reminds me of my dad except that his hair is white and deep in my head i wonder what he is here for, maybe accompanying someone i thought. After 15 minutes of waiting and getting impatience due to the hunger and caffeine withdrawal, i saw the social worker calling me from a far. I raised my brow and wonder whether i got the wrong court. As i reached her, i saw she was flustered and saw that the elderly man was looking towards our direction. "Pasai apa kak TM? Court dah start ka?" i asked her. "Belum lagi. Tak pa kita dok kat sini dulu. Kita tak boleh dok kat sana because the perpetrator is  there." she said. I was quite shocked and i turn over to look at the crowd, no one fits the look of a rapist. "Yang mana satu kak TM. Tak dak sapa pon nampak rupa macam the perpetrator??" I said. "Laaa... you sat beside him." said TM and that shocked me. So that is when i learn the Rape myth buster no 1. A RAPIST LOOK JUST LIKE ANY ORDINARY PEOPLE!!!. Later, he was sentenced to 12 years in jail with no whipping because he was more that 50 years old ( and that is the law in Malaysia)

I will update some of the other events that took place in my next post if it is Allah's will. 

I need to start translating the NGO's court booklet. Dateline given is middle of September. Wish me luck :)

Owh and the NGO is none other than :------