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Saturday, February 26, 2011


my painting tools :)

           Ever since i was a child, my amusement has always been on makeups... It always amaze me how by just slathering a lippy on your lips can make all the changes in the world..

                 Later when my worldview has turn slightly philosophical , i perceive the human face as an empty canvas where you can paint it however you like it to be, goth, sunny, natural, classic u name it. Unlike a real painting u can never erase it if there were to be mistake.But a face is like a blackboard.. mistakes can be erase and re-painted.

                As i reach my adulthood, with a painted face i can muster all the confidence i need.. It can help me improvise certain features that I'm  extremely proud off.. It helps me to muster up my courage whenever i'm in a pinch. I do believe in natural beauty but lets be realistic... Not everyone is beautiful and sometimes you need a little help to bring out your hidden beauty. 

              So there you have it, my very own confession on why i wear makeup... but my makeup regime depends on my mood... if i need that extra boost of confidence... i'll be applying some. But when i'm mellow down to the core,, i prefer an unpainted one :) So what is your understanding of wearing makeup??
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