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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 days challenge~ Day 1 : A photo description of yourself and how your days was including 5 interesting facts about urself


when i was cute and still adorable :)

Well today was the day i did some spring cleaning in my old room... being married, my room has been pass over to my elder brother. With this, i have to packed my belongings and bring the over to MIL house.. After going through most of the stuff that i own- i kept my own lock of hair when i was 8 (a princess phase). i guess this has to be my fav growing up pictures.. somehow i manage to look adorable.

Day 1.b: 5 interesting facts about urself

1. I never want to be rich- 
      to me a sufficient amount of money for me and my family to   
      get by is all i ever wanted. Material/brands never bother me much but i hate it when i could 
      never buy a good book because i'm slightly off budget. 

2. I hate creepy crawlies and love anything crafty

3. I want to be the UN secretary general, writer, historian and 
     (those are my life longs dream and it can be proved as a valid reason why i do 
      not want to be rich and glamorous).

4. People assume that i'm "open-minded" but actually i'm a little bit  
      ( in a sense that i hold on to old age tradition as long as it is within the boundaries of Islam.... 
       somehow i love the stereotypical role of a women but it doesn't mean i can be stepped upon)

5. I'm shy but talkative
     when being in an unfamiliar grounds i tend to be a shy wallpaper but once the adaptation occur--  
      - i'm a happy little chatterbox that could go on forever.

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