Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Ounce of Hope and a Bucket Full of Prayer

After being stuck in a rut for two month jobless, I’m finally back on track. It was early this month I manage to land one of my biggest breaks for the year 2011. I manage to snag my dream job :) (ps: those who knew me well will have the idea of where I’m currently working).

Currently I’m very contented with my post at the United Nation University as a Human Resource Junior Assistant. My colleagues are the best as they made me feel extremely welcome on my first week of duty.

I have been very passionate in working with the UN for a very long time… here is how it all began….

My father introduces me into the world of UN when during my childhood years. As a child, I find that the best time to spent with my father was during the RTM “Dunia Jam 10”. The reason to this being was that I have a crush on the news anchorman (the Singh guy with a manly voice) and secondly was to question my father the things I heard and the images I saw on the screen…

One night, I heard the word PBB- Persatuan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu. I then enquire my dad on the matter it was then he told what UN was and how its charter constitute of Human Rights, Peace Keeping and even equal rights. It was then that I have decided to work with the UN.

My dream at one point became unattainable. Yet I hold on to that ounce of dream in my heart and prayed for a miracle. With the help of my love one prayer I managed to turn my dream into a realization. This is a reminder to myself that whatever the obstacle I might face in years to come, I should hold on to my ounce of hope and seek the help from Allah with a bucket full of prayer I can and will overcome it 

to those who think i'm in my own make belief world.. you know who you are