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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, December 14, 2009

a weekend adventure

had a fun weekend out with the Sabri's sisters (sha and ija). Went to Times Square on Friday to meet up with the girls..... need to buy something red... as that was the theme color for the event that were attending on Friday..... all we could get was a necklace and shoes (that i end up not waring coz it makes me look slightly like a minah rempit)...

then it was off to danau kota for a hunt on the red clutch (Sha has nothing red on her) so the hunt ended about 2am and she manage to get a really cute clutch.... <3> four..... and we didn't get some shut eye till the early dawn.... as expected... we were late for the event....... but we manage to arrive around 12 for a second session....

ija and me.... at Dara.com workshop :)

nurul/sha with here adorable red clutch

the sabri's sister that help me to have a blast weekend :)