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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010...... Happy new year :)

every1 is xtremely xcited bout the coming new year... am i??? well all i can say that its a mix feelings...... firstly 2010 will mark a new beginning for me as a daughter, a sister and a servant (to Allah)... i for one was never the kind of person to make new year resolution... for the very reason that i know i would never keep them.. trust me i wouldn't... i always plan my life 5 years ahead... not only during the new year but anywhere in between...
but this year I'm gonna list down my resolution in hoping that u ppl might remind me off them...

  1. I'm gonna fulfill all my promises to Allah in trying my best to keep in check my obligation towards him.
  2. I'm gonna pass the TQS 2000M with flying colour by being able to read the surah al-imran perfectly (tajwid and everything)
  3. get a driving license..... (i know2.... driving creeps me out)
  4. start planning for my wedding :)
  5. try to keep my obsession in check ( a girl can never have to many handbags or makeup)
  6. try to keep my room as clean as possible
  7. since I'm getting married i figure its high time that i should start to learn how to cook and not doing it virtually only (facebook)
  8. indulge my self in my hobby such as reading, beading, and baking as much as possible
  9. talk less and smile more
  10. lastly disciplining myself by joining the air force :)
so dear frens have u made ur new year resolution.... :)

picture courtesy to anita jamal