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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, January 10, 2010


My obsession with the korean culture kicks off way back when i was 17 years old..... and going to a Korean barbeque was a big deal for me...but during those days.... most of it was non halal.... then i heard about restaurant by the name of seoul garden.... which is somehow manage to obtained the halal sign... i have been wanting to go there for a very long time (pestering my fiancé for about a year now) but its still didn't happen.... i could go there with my frens... but were such small eater that it'll be a waste since its a buffet style....

Then on Saturday when me and Ash (my lil' sister) went to go and get some gift for our nephew at OU.... I somehow mange to get me a really nice shoe from Clarks. it was slightly pricey but it was worth it because wearing it make u feel like ur stepping on a soft cottony pillow. After shopping, Faikis (ash future fiancé) surprise us by treating us a dinner at Seoul garden.... i was amazed at how much i ate that day.... hehhehehehheheh...... maybe it was i skipped my breakfast and lunch :) i had a marvellous time...... Thanks faikis....... it was worth the wait :)

outfit for the day

happy with my purchase

the happy couple

to happy to even care what was going on :D