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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

eleh.... speaking konon!!!!

"alah dok lik lau.... nak speaking2 "------- was the most ordinary comments that i get from most ppl who barely or didn't know me at all..... i get this for the past 20 years or so from frens to peers...... With this, i would like to clarify to the whole world that please do not judge me by the way i speak..... In this post I'm gonna clarify why and how i became the snobbish English speaking Malay...... (the generalization that the masses have on me)

It started off as young as i could remember.... my first and fav tv show would sesame street and hahaue would by endless VHR volume of them for me and my sister (and there were lots of animation VHR to like Thumbelina, snow white and etc). Every night my sister will tell the tale of prince and princesses..... and elves....... i was thought to think and imagine in English even when i was a lil' kid... at the age of 3 my fav animal and word would be a hippopotamus.

it was around the age of 5+, me and Ash were thrown into an awkward situation.... are chilhood fren was 3 Italian American girls that live right behind my house..... i do ask hahaue from time to time how did we as a children ever manage this kind of situation..... well nobody know the answer... after 1 month of befriending them... me and Ash would be able to hold a conversation in English with an American slang (i guess it was their influence) .....

time passes by and i was in my adolescence years and i took up the love for reading..... and the books were all in English..... (my aunt would by em' for us) and thus starts my pattern of speaking as to how it is written in the pages of the books... most of my family members and close frens can detect this in my style of writing and my conversation will be highly influenced by the nature and the style of a certain writer that i took fancy upon at the moment :)

and things doesn't help during my uni years to as i enrol myself to IIUM/UIA.... an English medium university.... so i was somehow brainwashed to think and express myself in English :) all of my reading material are in English.....

And with that my fellow merry ppl is how is was brought up and trained..... hahaue was a very strict English teacher so where my elder sisters.... and if u were to compare my English to their i would say that I'm still at an amateur level......

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