Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, March 25, 2010


just finished the last ep of kobato on anime crazy....... kobato suuuuuuuugoi wayo....... i think its creator is the same as the chronicle of tsubasa coz they will be the guest character in the anime for ep 20 or 21........ and its manga is still on going... u can read it on manga fox.... as to how the story goes i manage to find a summary in wikipedia...

Kobato is a sweet and perky girl, but also extremely naive about the world around her. She has a "mission" to fill her mysterious bottle with people's hearts she heals so her wish to go a certain place can be granted. However, the restriction is that she is not allowed to fall in love with any person whose heart she heals.

As Kobato attempts to fulfill her mission, she is accompanied by Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog plushie. Because Ioryogi is responsible for a punishment that has been applied to him and is friends from the spiritual world, he must guide Kobato and ensure that she succeeds her mission so he and his friends might return to their true form.

click here to watch the 1st ep of kobato