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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, August 28, 2010

falsies fetish

my obsession for false eyelashes (falsies) started when i saw a fren of mine (baby) wearing them and her look change drastically.... from cute to sultry (in a good way)... but clueless as i was to where i can get them.... then after a while sha introduce me to a shop that sells RM 6.00 plastic falsies... after wearing a few i tend to find them slightly plastic... so my search continue to find the perfect falsies like those hollywood stars are wearing... a few month later i stumble upon tammy garage sale.... that is when i was introduce to the world of shu uemura falsies.... most of the falsies that i bought from tammy is below RM 50 :)
right now i'm eyeing the dolly wink falsies.... i'm waiting for my monthly allowance in order to purchase them.... here are some pictures of me wearing the falsie...

ps: kindly ignore the condition of my skin.... life is a mess right now so tak dak masa nak jaga muka :P

my falsies collection.. will be addin them up soon..