Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, August 9, 2010

splish-splash i'm taking a bath :)

actually I was hoping to do this post for the sony contest but-----> I was just plain lazy! me and Ash (b4 she went back to Uia have decided to let the kid (and their aunts) cool off the hot 35C sun... since letting them (being a toddler and all), play in the rain... I decided to improvise on the artificial rain.... (how I wish we had those plastic pool)...  seeing their happy faces remind me so much of my childhood how I discover that I might be a water baby (hahahah yeah right if only) what I usually would do when I was about 8-9 is that I usually jump in the big Kolah that we have in a bathroom. being  twice the size of the bath tub I would imagined that I'm a diver going on and adventure or I was Ariel the mermaid  from Disney or even one of the water babies. the cue for my parents to know that I've been swimming in the kolah is through my role playing conversation or the amount of time I spend in the bathroom and at times U just couldn't help jumping a big splash .... the result to my un-Islamic behaviour (well that is how my dad's put it) is a nice caning.. coz he thought me that the Allah and the prophet despite those who waste. after all that canning,  we ( this would include my two brothers and ash) would anticipate the opportunity of Ottosan giving us the green light to clean the bathroom and the kolah....(when the water gets a lil' murky and U have the mosquito's babies in the water)...... I remember during the good old days when we would played in the rain... these days, frolicking in the rain is no longer possible due to the pollution...Reverting to the present---- so here are some pictures of the grand event (pictures have been censored so that it could be rated as U instead of 18SX:)

playing with the artificial rain that their aunts made

ain just enjoy her lil' tub