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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hari ini dalam sejarah!!!!

Eid Mubarak people :)

As the call for Subuh rang across the sky... the Akhir's family start their day bustling around the house as they took turn ironing their eid clothes.... taking their ablution and all the sunat things that a muslim would do in the morning of eid.... with 11 todlers running around the house... the Akhir' girls somehow manage to multi-task.
it was decided on that particular morning.... teena and sue will have to stay back at home and monitor some of the toddlers while the other will be brought to the mosque..... after everything has been settled... mak/hahaue decided to pray at masjid terapung in tanjung tokong ( nearly 15-20km from our balik pulau home) thus the journey start at 7.30pm..... most of us tak sempat nak ikut sunnah nabi to have breakfast first.... i somehow do not like the crowd there.... mentang2 la lepas ramdhan they find its okay to scrutinised ppl that is slightly different from them... free2 kna ajaran sesat.. well continuing the story after the agonizing 1/2 an hour pnya dok kna kutuk gan makcik2 tua semasa imam dok baca khutbah.... perut mula lah berkeroncong.... and aisyah was getting cranky coz she was hungry...

dengan itu maka terjadilah peristiwa bersejarah di dalam keluarga Akhir, menyambut kemenangan berpuasa sebulan dengan ber-breakfast di McDonald.... hahahha it was funny coz sebelum solat eid, my mom was complaining how we should start boycotting the israeli product.... i guess all the setan are back....

see how happy aisyah is with her stomach full

P.S:- i have no idea what got into me.... blog post hari nie caca merba... :! tsk!!tsk!!!