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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 me

why do i strongly believe that Digi iPhone 4 giveaway is fated for me and only me... there is a few reason for my believe as most of he incident that happen to me seems to point in to this direction " I'm The Lucky Nuffnanger to win this contest" (i have never been so confident in my life...malu la plak)
on 20th September 2010, my precious possession ended her life at the age of five.. thus being a fussy and a loyal owner, it took me sometime to recover from the sadness that has engulf me... so i decided to borrow my younger brothers phone till i manage to overcome my sadness...  enlightenment approach me on 24.09.10. my first view on its sleekness and slimness... realize that i have fallen in love.... the iPhone 4 heals my wound...

la revelation befalls on me when i read that Digi is giving an iPhone 4 to one lucky winner... 
i believe that there will be several benefits for me in owning and i phone. firstly I'll be able to log in2 my social network (FB, twitter and the likes of it) secondly, i no longer have to que and quarrel  with my sibling every-time i wanna go online. lastly, i'll be able to update my blog like a breeze as i can snap good quality pictures with its HD video recording and it 5 megapixel camera.. 
if I were to win this... it will commemorate a new chapter in my life as i will finally become a woman... I'll be celebrating my convocation on the 3rd of October and my wedding on the 10th of October... what can be a better way 2 start a new life by owning the new iPhone 4.

PS: just being cheeky here--- I've been a DIGI  postpaid user for 7 years