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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my second day of eid

 on my second day of eid... i went along with hahaue to visit the needy that was in my area.... we went to 6-7 houses in balik pulau... its a good thing seeing most of the orphans that was once the kids of RJNA all grown up.. from the way i see it... hahaue is very proud of them...

mak cik hendon has been under the RJNA care since i was 17 years old... when her husband died, she had to take up the responsibility of taking care of her 8 children by just making traditional kuih to sell...

a single mother (on the left) who has to take care of her son and her mother by making kuih kapit... lately her feet was infected by a strange disease that her leg swell up trice its size...  

a grandma to an orphan boy... she is in her late 70's and is unable to work... she takes odd job on a daily basis to support her grandson schooling.

the granma neighbour... was the most charitable person on earth... she live in a hut made of zinc and the floors were soil.... yet she was able to give the HOME RM 1,000.00 that she has been saving for the usage of the kids.. on the day of our visit... the grandma was extremely unwell that we couldn't meet her.... she lives alone and she will be in our dua'... i hope that i could be as unselfish and as un-materialistic as she is.

my second day of eid made me realize that the joy of eid is in giving out what u can to the needy... this is so far the best eid ever :)