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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Big Bang Theory

my introduction to this tv show was by Ash.... somehow ironically i feel i can relate to them somehow... owh mind u i never had their brilliant minds just the geekiness and the nerdyness when i was in my adolescent years.... i somehow prefer the contacs with fictional charecter rather then real human being... i find human tends to be very judgemental to my liking.Well as for the tv sitcom, it portray the lives of two geniuses shaldon and leonard..... both are brilliant phyicist..... then there Penny a waitress trying her luck in L.A to be an aspiring actress... Rajesh and Harold join the group as Shaldon and Leonard fren.....

how i wish i could be in their crowd..... but comparing to Sheldon fact sheet i wouldn't make the cut as i only own a degree... unlike them who are able to obtain their phd in their 20's... why do i like this tv show??? well firstly its not overated like gossip girl where the story line after season 3 is much the same and that they are somehow parading some expensive clothes that i know i'll never afford.... in the big bang theory, they rotate their clothes in several episodes which is cool as it gives a sense of reality to it.

owh and another thing is---------> they are into Sci-fi and Fantasy just like me... totally digs it... and comics book and anime's and even manga's.... so we do have a lot in common.... and their jokes are hilarious without being to scripted.... which is somehow a breath of fresh air comparing to other show... but be warn to those who thinks that one tree hills and the OC or even the hills are cool then i would advice u against watching this... coz it just doesn't center around gorgeous ppl and their rich way off life....:P