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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, October 18, 2010

3 celebration party---bridal shower,graduation, and birthdays

right after the photoshoot,(for details click here)... the 3 of us planned to have a small dinner party to celebrate my bridal shower and graduation, sha's bridal shower, birthday and graduation, and baby's birthday and graduation... the dinner party took place at cosy place in wangsa maju... a little restaurant with an english flair...

the all white interior goes with our bridal theme :)


we made reservation at 8.30pm but somehow... due to certain events---> urmmm... it is best for the 3 of us if i kept mum about it... we arrived and hour late... thank god there wasn't much of a crowd.... coz i was kindda embarrass with the veil on my head hahahha.... the dinner party is suppose to be a white themed party.... but somehow we forsake the themed when there happened to a wardrobe malfunction.... the party went well with the attendance of linda (baby's sister) and Ash... most of us decided to have the ribs steak that they were having a promotion... it was delicious... we had fun gossiping about ppl... exchanging present's with one another and taking loads of pics..... with this i'll leave u with yet another post crammed with pictures.... i do believe story are best expressed in words and pictures :)

the sister's
ash is thankful for the ribs

linda is enjoying hers

hasinah stuffed crabs

The salihin's sisters...

the birthday girl :)

the chicken chop

the only thing white at the white themed party

the brides to be then :)

presents from Ash

have a great day y'all :)