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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, October 18, 2010

my first photoshot: part 2

lately i haven't have the time to blog... life have been quite hectic.... on my previous post i only manage to upload some of the pics from the photoshoot..... in this second part of the post, details will be revealed (hahhaah poyo la jgk ayat nie)...

it was a bright and shiny day, me and sha woke up early (let us just say it was early base on our daily activities) so that we won't be late when baby arrived to pick us up for the photoshoot.... the photoshoot was gonna be an 1 hour session at the serinditphoto for only RM75... most of our UIA mates went there to have their photo taken and it look good so we decided to give it a shot.... originally the photoshoot was suppose to be our convocation photoshoot but after an hour of taking pictures... we ran out of ideas so the photographer was really nice to urmmm help us out a bit... it was fun... at first we were a little shy... but after a while we were loving the camera.... :) all in all it was a nice photoshoot session... the photographer was really nice and the studio was awesome :) and here are the cast :----->
Nur Hasanah A.Akhir----> Bachelor in Political Sciences :i'm lovin this robe

Nurul Shahida Sabri--> Bachelor in English literature : i <3 my scroll
Hazreen Shima Salihin----> Bachelor in Psychology: i'm loving this cushion

our first shoot.... keras macm patung

candid : he tried to make a loosen up a little

i miss this ppl

another candid shoot that i <3

IIUM most beautiful--- tak menjadi :D

6 years of hard work (2 years in matrics PJ) we finally made it :D

harry potter is very influential in our lives

somehow i love this pic

meet the next wizard in making : Baby*Bold*Sha

what a convocation picture without finally throwing our mortar board

we graduated

BFF's 4ever <3