Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, October 29, 2010

their daily dose of Kampungness

here is another daily dose of my life nannying for the kids (they are the abandon children of Rumah Jagaan Nasyiatul Aiysyiyah). one of their morning activity after breakfast is for them to feed tok wan's chicken. I'm glad they are able to enjoy some kampungness left in Penang.. With all this development, i wonder whether in the next 20 years to come will there be any kampung house left in Penang.. I strongly believed that preserving one's heritage... There is nothing wrong with living in a Kampung, but its a BIG no..no if u let ur mentality be governed by it...
i was blessed as a kid to be born and bred in a kampung... i have enjoyed a fulfilling childhood... having a tree house... catching grasshoppers... feed the chickens and collecting their egg.. as I'm penning down my childhood memories, a wave of emotions envelops me.. how i wish my future offspring will be able kids to enjoy this bit of Kampungness in the future to come.

MJ a.k.a- muhammad jihad uzair

the not so lil' nurul ain natifa

this is their morning activities---> feeding "wan's" chicken

and the sifu to this activiy is non other tha aishah

Ottosan ayam kampung that non of the family would eat..