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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The lace clutch inspired wedding card..

the lace clutched inspired wedding card is a partial DIY wedding card ( me and ash reception will be held on the same day  ^-^) the idea for this wedding was from Martha Stewart wedding magazine.. She made a lace clutch for her bridesmaid .. so instead of using it on paper... we have decided to transmit the template to paper. How I wished it could be a full DIY but after printing it using the house printer and calculating the cost... we decided to seek the help from the professional.... the help was only for the printing part.... the other process still requires me to break a sweat :) here are the pictures.

fresh from the printers

the lace printed paper


had to cut using the craft scissors 

the damn scissors that i bought from Popular-Rm19.90

fold it so it looks like a small clutch

then cutting the wedding inlays...

glue them together so that it'll be easier for hahaue to go and memanggil 

punch two holes

then cut a ribbon

Tadaaa--- beautiful ain't it ^__^