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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cooking with and Ash and Bold

last night, me and Ash decided to put our cooking skill to the test..... we did an American breakfast for dinner... yes dinner....but there were no sausages.....
it turned out quite good even though we lack a few key ingredients like salt and onions....

the cooking tools that were use :- one small rice cooker
a mallet
a can opener
a pair of plastic fork and spoon...
the ingredients that we manage to scourge were: a loaf of wholemeal bread
4 eggs
1 box of dutch lady low-fat milk
6 packets of McDonald's pepper
2 packets of McDonald chili sauce
4 spoon of garlic spread
a small can of bake beans...

here we mixed the 2 spoon of garlic spread, half of the milk, some peppers and the egg.... then we star scramblin'......

then it was to the toast...... spreading garlic spread on the bread... somehow we got curios as to whether we could make a French toast using the sandwich maker... hence the creation of the partial French toast

and this are all the picture we took on how we manage to create the baked beans.... :D
a spoon of garlic spread....

pour the bake bean,milk and let it simmer

add 2 packets of McDonald sauce and 6 packets of pepper and let it boil...

and here its done :P

the tools that were use to open the cans

the after product of our dinner "the quarter American breakfast"