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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fresh BIG brown eyes

last weekend when i went back to Penang to visit my sister (she had H1N1), Ottosan came to me and handed me an envelope that contains free 3 days trails from Freshlook.... I was quite shocked coz i never believe in this kind of thing for that i did not put my hopes to high in regards to receiving it......
i tried it yesterday and i found that wearing the dailies is wayyyyy much more comfortable than wearing the monthly ones..... it doesn't feel a thing.....
i went around my family members to ask how i look.... but everyone was against it as they say i look like an anime character hahhaha but what i like about this contacts is..... after sleeping for about 2 hours in the car... my eyes look fresh with that my face..... all in all i would recommend it to my friends especially those who have slant eyes.

the envelope that i receive

wearing the Freshlook Illuminate dailies.

i bet u guys can tell the difference between my real eyes and the contacts one right

it has a greyish black ring at the outer corner

so if ur dying to get a pair...... just click here and sometimes u can get it at nuffnang ads from the blogs u read :)