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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cooking with and Ash and Bold (part 2)

Ever since ash had food poisoning...we had vowed to cook are daily meals (and yes it is illegal for IIUM student to cook in their room.....) so yesterday dinner was--- fried rice

1 packet of adabi perencah nasi goreng
2spoon of garlic spread
2 eggs
and 3 bowl of rice

methods use (which ottosan will slightly approve as we followed his teaching):-

melt the garlic spread in the rice cooker

add the adabi perencah nasi goreng and eggs..... leave it till its 1/2 boil..

then scramble ur eggs and add some flavour to it (u know the salt and sugar stuff)

put in the rice and stir em' well till desired....

and TADAAAAA the after product...

somehow i know that ottosan will disapprove of the dish for its lack of ingredient......