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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

boldishasanah----> childhood

well here my saga...... i was somewhat born in a family of 8 siblings..... mom is women activist and me dad is a meter-reader for TNB... during my childhood.. i live a magical dream where everything is made possible..... (not material things... though) imagination run wild and living in a kampung i had adventures just like dato' lat did in his kampung boy.....

when i was at the age of 6 i discover my love for reading and writing... i start to have a diary... filling them with my scribble of what kind of grasshopper i catch today and whether i had being chase by my arch enemy the bloody orange dog.....

at 7 and the start of my primary school years......as a child, i had this ugly haircut that i will hate to this day..... i wanted to have long hair like Ariel when my mom decided to chop it off into a coconut shape just in case i might be infected by lice during my attendance at school..... it was during this age that i discover my passion for sewing... we had and embroidery class when i was seven (it was a convent school... so go figure) and at this age i learned the punishment for not getting ur spelling right.... ( i still remember miss lee... due to my coconut like haircut.. she will pull the hair at my sideburn till i get the spelling right)

at 8 years old, my parents teach me the responsibility of being an older sister..... it was Ash first day of school when my mom came up to me and said "its high time u took up the responsibility... ur a big sister now and look after Ash on her first day of school okay.... " thus i was entrusted as Ash Guardian during school days...... owh and she was a trouble maker.... there wasn't a day when i was not called to hear the teacher complain to me... and yeah i was 8

9-12, i was fascinated with books...... from sweet valley to nancy drew..... and even r.l stine.... i remember i had and obsession with Barney to.... i still wonder why (may b i just love purple dragon.... now i'm into Dibo the gift dragon) my mom had to rotan me just to eat coz i would not get out of my room ....... as long as i can savour the sweet essence of the words.... food are merely and unimportant sustenance to me ...

somehow i couldn't find any picture of me when i was little.... i wonder where it went ????