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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


i bet most of the people would know what the words Karok means..... i was presented with this word by my fren Hafiz last years.... the sms went "oi...jom lepak... Pija gan others dah agree... dinner then karok". My first impression was KAROK (?__?) what ever could it possibly mean... i went through all my data collection on language and my conclusion was :-
Kereck=gila (owh this is a colloquial language of the Penangites when we one to say that a person is not right in the head)

Karok=Beruk (till to this day i have no idea how i manage it (^^)
my reply to hafiz msg was only natural... "bodo! taula the theory of evolution and stuff tapi perlu la kan panggiey aku beruk... hang tue selengga tak sedar diri.... pkui brapa nak pi???"
hafiz later called me to clarify that karok is not beruk or any other insult but it was the short form for karaoke....

while were on the subject of karaoke and the main purpose of the post ( somehow i can hear Sir Ishtiaq reminding me to summarize my introduction into a paragraph....but then again its not an examination script... so i guess it'll be alright. Urmmmm.... where was i??? owh yes karok)

it has somehow come to my attention a very long time ago that i was born in a family who can sing..... and ironically like any other of my characteristics that makes me ...ME i have not inherited the singing talent or any other talent for that matter... i have always kept my singing in the showers and maybe in my room when i was so stress out with my finals... and concerts.....
so whenever i was invited to a KAROK session i would decline and shy away from the discussion as i'm very concious towards my ability to carry a rhythm ( well thank god i'm not tone deaf)and my ability to sound like...... justin beiber... (not in a good way)

but it was late last year that a few of my frens come together for our final outing before we graduated..... we realize somehow none of us came from the same state.... in order to make it memorable.... we have decided to do something that we fear the most.... majority of the group fears KArok each with their own valid reason....

and that was the first and the last time i'm ever going to a karaoke again.... apart from the song selection are not of my genre and miraculously i manage to call not only the rain but a storm to go with it---- coincidence???? i wouldn't wanna take chances :)

was calling on the rain and the storm...

due to the confidentiality of certain ppl in regards to their fear... their identity could not be shown (^^)